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If humanity could capture just one 6000th of earth’s available solar energy, we would be able to meet 100% of our energy needs. And today we are riding a tremendous wave of advancement in both solar panel efficiency and novel methods of surface area coverage.

Meanwhile the cost of solar continuous to plummet. As the price performance ratio of solar technologies begins to undercut traditional energy sources, we will see mass integration of solar cells into everyday infrastructure meeting energy demand around the globe, especially in Pakistan. The cost of building large scale solar installations in India fell by 27% in 2018, thanks to a combination of low-priced panel imports from China, abondance of land and cheap labor. We can do the same in Pakistan.


  1. 1. Best Equipment
  2. 2. Best Warranties
  3. 3. Best After-sales Service

The Solar Zamana Experience

We're dedicated to perfecting the experience of going solar. The Solar Zamana Experience is the cornerstone of our business.

Latest Technology
Solar Zamana keeps up with the latest technology and ensures that our customers benefit from it.
Up-front Pricing
We quote the best price we can offer, on every system, every time.
Best Warranties Available
All our equipment comes with the best warranties available in Pakistan with 24/7 free after-sales service.
We want to equip you with all the knowledge you need to for an informed decision on going solar at your doorstep and the best part, it's FREE.

Switch to Solar, Switch to Saving.